Built with Understanding

A London based digital agency, specialising in design, music and retail sites.

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What we do


It's not easy turning an idea into a 'thing'. You probably know what you want but maybe not the words to describe it. We work hard to help turn client's ideas into tangable concepts before a single line of code is written. We don't want to tell you something will work when it really won't.


Design is hard. That's why so much of it is bad. We work from initial ideas to full fledged pages through rapid iterations. We think it's better to try ideas 'in browser' rather than argue about who imagines it best. Some work, some don't, but visualising things can turn daft ideas into brilliant touches.


Design, develop, launch. But sometimes amazing ideas come up halfway through a project. An agile approach allow us to stop lightbulb moments from becoming derailing (and costly) nightmares. Solid foundations and automated testing also mean new features don't break existing ones.


Projects are like gardens (and people). They need love and attention to keep them looking good (and working well). Most of our clients have maintenance agreements in place that allow us to keep things ticking along nicely. Security checks and back ups as standard.

Since 2012, sites developed by BWU have amassed over 600 million page views, and taken in excess of £2 million direct ecommerce revenue. They have also featured in four Apple keynote presentations and been covered in national and international press.

What we specialise in

  • Bespoke content management systems
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Mobile and responsive design
  • Content migration
  • Disaster recovery
  • WordPress
  • Symfony
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Legacy PHP projects
  • Project strategy
  • Cloud and dedicated hosting
  • Maintenance and support
  • Backup and security
  • Third party API integration


  • Honest Burgers
  • It's Nice That
  • Spotify
  • Rinse FM/France
  • Traid
  • Cutter Brooks
  • Erased Tapes
  • Bestival
  • Nils Frahm
  • Shed London
  • The Blue Posts
  • This is Rude
  • Maureen Paley Gallery
  • The Showroom Gallery
  • Bompas and Parr
  • Hospital Records
  • Piano Day
  • Heart Agency
  • Debut Art
  • The Association of Illustrators
  • Dezeen Jobs
  • Soho House
  • The Coningsby Gallery
  • Dezeen
  • We Made This
  • Ministry of Stories
  • Celect Braking
  • Speak It Films
  • WTF Creative
  • Kylie Minogue
  • CEH Journal
  • London Transport Museum
  • The Science Museum
  • BBC Wales
  • The Body Shop
  • MTV
  • Magee
  • Swan House
  • Whyte and Brown
  • Umbro
  • Warp records

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hello@builtwithunderstanding.com | 020 3289 2539 | Studio 2, The Shed, 8 Lee Street, London, E8 4DY